Any image you see on this site, or Peter’s portfolio on Premier Artists Collection (PAC) is available for purchase. Peter is a member of PAC where a selection of his work is available for purchase as expertly produced, museum grade acrylic prints. 

Visit his PAC Portfolio to learn more.

These prints are expertly printed on Fuji Flex film, giving them an incredibly deep and beautifully luminescent tone like no other material can. They are then mounted between two 1/8 inch sheets of Lucite Lux® Museum Grade Acrylic, offering a lightweight, shatterproof environment ideal to feature our artists’ masterpieces.

Lucite Lux® Acrylic provides the maximum protection possible to your investment from harmful UV light while still allowing for the image to be lit and impressively displayed in any space. The prints are then carefully inspected to confirm the highest quality and shipped in custom packaging designed to ensure their safe delivery.

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